Western Riding-westernriding western westernrijden edwenAnky Van Grunsven Reininghttp://westernriding.nl/mediaalbum/viewitem/72/<img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/azIWYbmsiII/default.jpg"/>UNLESS YOU ARE MS. VAN GRUNSVEN'S EQUAL OR SUPERIOR, I SUGGEST THAT YOU DON'T INSULT HER RIDING. It's extremely irritating that so many have so little respect for such a talented and accomplished rider. No joke, this really is her. Part of a post-las vegas grand prix challenge which pitted the top world reining champion (some belgian girl) along with anky and pessoa versus a top american dressage rider, show jumper, and the nrha president. usa won, but europe made a valiant effort. 72global_load_clientside_output_ondemand