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Awesome job Stacy and Roxy! I apologize to everyone for having to pull the original Stacy on Ellen Show (part 2 of 2) with all of your comments, links, and everything. But if you wish to see them, I've created a link of the original comments. Go here: http://webbobby13.tripod.com/index-1.htm They muted the audio on my original vid due to copyright infringement of the Tim M song (gotta be careful here too, I guess). So, in this current vid, I cut the audio where the song comes into the video, but the audio returns later. I still hope you enjoy part 2/2 of Stacy Westfall on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Here's the original text from my first publishing: The following is from Stacy herself regarding her Ellen appearance. To see this and more, go to Stacy's website at: http://www.westfallhorsemanship.com/ 'In case you haven't heard I WAS ON THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW! I am still trying to accept that it really happened. For me it seemed like it all happened so fast. I was in our office on the Tuesday when Terri answered the phone and took the message that Kara from The Ellen Degeneres show had called and wanted to play the video that Ellen had seen through the e-mail. It was the bareback bridleless run (click here to watch it) and they asked us to overnight a high quality copy of it to them. We did and it was amazing to see Ellen play the clip and talk about reining on national television just a day later. The trip out was just about as quick. One week after the airing of the first show we loaded up and headed to California and before I knew it we were on TV. Roxy settled in easily at the LA Equestrian Center and our boys enjoyed the swimming pool at the hotel. We were schedule to shoot footage at the Equestrian Center the day before appearing in the studio and I had no idea what to expect. It was amazing to see all of the people that showed up for the shoot. Many cameras were on hand as well as directors and other VIP's. I wasn't allowed to meet Ellen until the cameras were rolling...no pressure! It was so fun. It felt like it happened fast but when it was done we had been shooting for about an hour and a half. I was impressed with Ellen when she agreed to get on Roxy and even more so when she took her for 'a spin'! The next day was another quick/long one. It seemed unreal to be inside of the TV studio. As we were pulling in there were people lined up and waiting to attend the taping of the show. I just kept telling myself that there were only going to be a few hundred people there (I decided not to think about the millions that were in the cameras!). In the dressing room the kids were happy to find that the show had provided them with everything a kid could want...a fridge stocked with chocolate milks, chocolate soy milk, juices, soda (or pop depending on where you are from) and bowls of candy everywhere. There were also sandwiches etc. but I think they noticed the other stuff more! Hair and makeup was a totally new experience for me. I think the hair lady got away easy because of the cowboy hat. The makeup I have been told looked great although it did feel a little unusual for me and was interesting to remove later. I was glad that everything kept me busy because before I knew it I was headed on stage. I guess my nerves were acting up a little more than I thought because I was shaking (if you watched you could probably see it)! In the end I was happy with how it turned out. And the big question...What is Ellen like? Genuine, real, and amazing are all words that pop into mind. She had a genuine interest in me & Roxy, was very personable and really talked with me during the taping as well as the commercial breaks, and it was amazing to see the show from the inside and all she has done. P.S.- They really do run out and touch up your makeup during the commercial breaks! Stacy Westfall'
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